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Hopper Bottom Roll Tarps

Hopper Bottom Roll Tarps

With proper tension, the tarp stays tight no matter your length of trailers. The standard crank is direct drive 1:1 and lets you roll the tarp standing safely on the ground. An upgrade to electric is available, as are more SMARTrailer™ options. 

Our standard easy-off tarp stops enable fast, easy tarp removal. An upgrade from our standard stretch cord return to our cable return features a non-stretch cable with a heavy-duty internal tension spring-and-pulley system.


Key Features: Aluminum Latchplate, Easy-Off Tarp Stops, Galvanized Bows and Brackets, Aluminum End Caps, 1” or 2” Ridge Strap w/Ratchet, Stretch Cord Return, Standard Crank Arm w/80” Extension, Pinless Crank Retainer w/7” Standoff, 22-Oz. Vinyl Tarp. 

Shurco Electric Roll Tarp Kits

The 4500 Series HD features a powerful American- made motor with all-metal gearbox and incredibly reliable magnetic brake. Heavy-duty extruded aluminum torsion arms are equipped with patented spiral-reinforced elbows for flexibility to move smoothly over loads.

Available for all trailer makes and models! The 4500 Series HD’s motor produces optimal rather than increased torque (which can harm your tarp system). No electrical energy is used to actuate the brake, so there are no electrical connections to misfire. A patented pivoting motor mount allows for any misalignment of the roll tube without stress to the motor or arms. 

The heavy-duty arms are the strongest in the industry, backed with a lifetime warranty. They come preassembled with a super-sturdy mounting bracket (no backer plate needed in most installs). The roller bearing- style rear arm bracket has a low-friction design that won’t wear out. Both arms are inset to prevent obstruction of clearance lights. 

An improved rubber boot on the flex-joint guards against damage from field and road debris. An additional flex-joint, called the Gate Flex™ option, bypasses side- and top-mount hinges to accommodate tailgates. A protective bolt-on shroud facilitates easy motor access.

Key Features: 
Spiral Spring Returns, HD Front/Rear Extruded Aluminum Torsion Arms w/Flex-Elbow and Boot, HD Mounting Bracket, Dual-Pivot Motor Mount, Custom Motor Shroud, Sealed Control Box, SMARTwire™ Sealed Harness, SMART2™ or SMART1+™ Remote.

Shurco Elecric Roll Tarp

Shurco Electric Hopper Door Kits

The best 1-2 punch in trailer automation! Pair your 4500 Series HD electric tarp with the ProTrap® electric hopper opener. It safely slides hopper doors open and closed with the touch of a button while you stay back, out of the dust.

The ProTrap’s all-metal gears and housing are designed to handle the hard stops, with a high efficiency planetary gear reduction and breaker circuit at the battery to protect your motor. It eliminates the need for unreliable limit switches that are easily damaged going through the field or by harsh road conditions.

Actual torque varies based on wire size, length and battery voltage; our motors are sized to protect your trailer components. The 150 low-torque motor is standard for trailers with strap style traps, the 250 motor for rack-and-pinion traps.

Our SMART2™ and SMART1+™ remotes deactivate when the flip-style covers are closed or shut off after three minutes of inactivity. Everything is clearly labeled. A cab-mounted or trailer-mounted master disconnect switch kills power to the tarp and traps – no complicated button sequence required. The patented sealed, quick-connect SMARTwire™ harness reduces connector corrosion and adds plug-and-play convenience at installation.

Key Features: All-Metal Gear Motor, Automatic Brake (Holds Door), Universal Mounting Bracket, 1-Bolt Manual Changeover, Master Disconnect Switch, SMARTwire™ Sealed Harness, SMART2™ or SMART1+™ Remote. ProTrap® comes preassembled for faster install.

Shurco Electric Hopper Door Kits

Grain Carts & Wagons

Shur-Lok® is the heavy-duty workhorse that will outperform your expectations. It offers dependable protection from the elements and superior workmanship that will stand the test of time. Standard features will do the job for you – and do it well, but if you like to customize, we have an outstanding selection of options and upgrades. 

Our adaptable hardware lets you position the crank arm in the most efficient spot. The standoffs come in 3-inch, 7-inch and 11-inch sizes while J-hooks are available in regular, pinless and offset-with-pin retainers. An upgrade to our pinless offset retainer will eliminate any pinand-cable hassles and can be secured on either side of the cart. We also offer a universal crank retainer support kit to accommodate non-vertical configurations.

Ridge straps are made of stretch-resistant high-tensile webbing to keep the tarp from sagging between bows. We recommend dual straps for offset placement, a larger center opening and a clear flow for loading to reduce grain splatter.

For extra-wide carts with tip-top extensions, we suggest flat caps and trussed teardrop bows. The caps help shed water better while the teardrop bows facilitate tightening of the tarp. Trusses offer additional support for wide bows, where flat areas are susceptible to bending.

Key Features: Aluminum Latchplate, Recessed Tarp Stops, Galvanized Bows/Brackets, Galvanized End Caps, 1" Ridge Strap (Carts Over 8' 6" Get 2), Stretch Cord Return, Long Crank Arm w/80" Extension, Pinless Crank Retainer w/7" Standoff, Universal Retainer Support Kit, 18-Oz. Vinyl Tarp.

Grain Carts
Straight Trucks

Straight Trucks

From older trucks to the very latest models, Shur-Lok® will protect whatever you’re hauling! Our standard features fit most applications, but plenty of options are available to suit your specific hauling needs.

Galvanized steel end caps come standard, both low-rise and high-rise styles, but an upgrade to aluminum easy-off caps offers easier installation and removal. These anchor with over-center clamps inside the truck box. We also offer standard aluminum caps.

The standard crank arm mounts vertically across the back of the box and gives four-position length adjustment. The U-joint has a 21-tooth splined key to adjust the tarp tension every 17 degrees. Upgrading to the Shur-Flex™ crank provides the flexibility to accommodate cargo doors or grain gates. It folds at the knuckle and secures to the side of the box with offset retainers. Try our pinless offset retainer to eliminate pin-and-cable hassles. 

Our standard stretch cord return guides the roll tube over the end cap, with a protective cover to reduce rope fraying. An upgrade to our patented Shur-Return™ features a heavy-duty steel tension spring. ¼-inch non-stretch solid braid rope and lifetime warranty.

Key Features: Aluminum Latchplate, Easy-Off Tarp Stops, Galvanized Bows/Brackets, Aluminum End Caps, 1” Ridge Strap w/Ratchet, Stretch Cord Return, Standard Crank Arm w/80” Extension, Pinless Crank Retainer w/7” Standoff, 10-Oz. Vinyl Tarp. 

Tri Axles

Tri Axles

Whether you are hauling gravel, coal, scrap metal or rock, you need a tarp system that is as dependable as the rest of your equipment. Shur-Co® understands that downtime costs you money and there is no worse situation than to be down because of a failed tarp system. 

The Arm-Matic™ was designed with reliable and durable operation in mind. For applications from dump trucks to end dumps, Shur-Co® has the set up you need to meet your tarping needs. Conditions aren’t always ideal for using tarps, which is why the Arm-Matic™ was designed for ease-of-use and ease-of-repair.

Key Features: Eliminates Joint Weakness, Finer Tension Adjustment, Gatorshield® Touch, Increased Corrosion Resistance, Arm Options, Fast and Easy Tarp Installation, Standard Electric Systems, Remote Options Available.

Fertilizer Tenders & Spreaders

Fertilizer Tenders & Spreaders

Whatever you’re hauling, from seed to blended fertilizer to micronutrients, it’s critical that contents stay dry. Shur-Lok® is water resistant, durable and easy to open and close. Stainless steel and powder-coated components provide lasting corrosion resistance.

Our stainless steel and powder-coated parts come standard, designed to protect against the corrosive effects inherent in hauling caustic substances like fertilizer. Stainless bows and brackets, end caps, ridge straps and crank retainers offer improved performance, longer life and a sharper appearance. Even the standard-issue easy-off tarp stop features a corrosion-resistant stainless stop body, plus powder coating for lasting durability.

Key Features: Aluminum Latchplate, Powder-Coated Easy-Off Tarp Stops w/Stainless Stop Bodies, Stainless Bows/Brackets, Stainless End Caps, Stainless 1" Ridge Strap w/Ratchet, Stretch Cord Return, Standard Crank Arm w/80" Extension, Stainless Pinless Crank Retainer w/7" Standoff, 18-Oz. Vinyl Tarp.

End Dumps

Shur-Lok® provides you with watertight dependability, for increased productivity and less downtime – because more loads mean more profit. 
The Shur-Flex™ crank offers convenient flexibility. It folds at the knuckle and secures with offset or pinless offset retainers – no more pin-and-cable hassles. 
The front fabric cap makes it easier to come over the top of the doghouse. Double bows secure into a double bow bracket – exactly the right spacing for tightening down the front of the tarp. The front stretch roll return guides the roll tarp over the end cap. Reinforced stitching along the radius corner of the fabric cap helps the tarp withstand the stresses of highway speed. 
Electric Shur-Lok® options are also available for most trailer types. 
Key Features: High-Lift End Gates, Shur-Flex™ Crank Arm, Durabow™, Turning Point™ Bow System, Flexible Easy-Off Tarp Stop, Shur-Return™.

End Dumps
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