Tension Walls

Separate areas of your plant with Certified Flame Resistant vinyl walls.  Keep dust, dirt, and smoke away from areas where things need to be clean. Or you can divide off areas that you dont want to heat or cool.  These walls work great for areas that need to contain paint overspray.  These are custom made for each application, so no job is too big or too small.

Welding Curtains

Enclose your welding areas to protect from welding flash and splash.  These are custom made for each individual application.  No job is too big or too small.


Divider Curtains

Track Walls  and Strip Doors give you the convience of driving fork lifts through or walking through and having the door seal behind you.  Made from Certified Flame Resistant materials to meet fire codes, these walls allow you to open and close an area with ease.


High Temperature  & Flame Resistant Fabrics

Specialized fabric that is able to withstand extremely high temperatures.  We can supply several different Flame Resistant fabrics.  Give us a call and let us make you a tarp that will fill your specific need.


Machine Shipping Covers

Sometimes having a custom fit shipping cover is more economical than building a shipping crate.  We build covers that can be installed while still in the manufacuturing facility, but have access panels for the equipment that need to transport them.  Easily install a weatherproof cover indoors and move the finished machine outdoors without worry that the weather will damage it while in transit to the customer.  Mosier's Tarps has manufactured thousands of re-usable and one-way shipping covers that have ended up in dozens of countries around the globe!


Air Ventilation Socks

Mosier's Tarps manufactures these to each customers specific needs.  Call us for a new one or to replace your existing worn out, damaged, or inefficient air sock.  We can produce any hole pattern or angle where air needs to be directed.  These are all Certified Flame Resistant.


Drain Tarps

These drain tarps are designed to protect personnel and equipment from overhead leaks. They are strong yet lightweight. A special design effectively catches and drains water safely away from the work area. Heavy D-rings sewn into each corner to facilitate hanging. Sizes larger than 10’ X 10’ have D-rings on the center of each side. The drain spout connects to standard 3/4” garden hose (not included) which serves as the downspout.


Roof Tarps

Simple, lightweight, and economical tarps to cover areas of roofs that are under construction.  Several different sizes and thicknesses are available to meet any contractor's needs.


Pallet Covers

Keep your unused products free from contamination sitting in an used corner of your building or out of the elements while sitting outdoors waiting to be used.  These covers are custom made for each application.