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Mound/Base Covers

Weighted Mound, Home Plate, & Base Covers

Keep the critical areas of your baseball or softball field dry with a waterproof cover.  Available in weighted and non-weighted versions.  Weighted covers feature a chain sewn around the outer edge in order to keep it secure in windy conditions.

Windscreens / Privacy Screens

Keep gusts of wind and distractions out of your tennis courts and baseball diamonds with a screen that attaches to your fencing.  Our screens cut down up to 75% of the wind and up to 65% of the light.  

Wind/Privacy Screens
Baseball Field Covers

Baseball Field Covers

Infield covers do just that, cover and protect the entire infield from getting wet and muddy.  Grab handles sewn into the hem allow you to quickly cover and uncover your field.

High Jump / Pole Vault Pit Covers

Cover and protect your valuable High Jump and Pole Vault pits with a waterproof weather cover.  Custom made to fit any variation of pit.

High Jump / Pole Vault Pit Covers
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